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Did I mention it was unbelievable? This is a beautiful setting—a small sign on the road at the driveway with just the address and name—drive up winding driveway thru the woods—then greeted by the valet to park your car… the grounds are in the woods and buildings are old BUT well kept and up to date and very impressive—we were greeted at the entrance by the greeter…. and she welcomed us to the Wedding—–going to just give items that were outstanding—I have been to numerous weddings but this had to be the BEST —
there were chandeliers hanging from the trees adjacent to the facility.

Oh .. by the way would not want to be the person in charge of lighting the candles—-they were every where… it was so nice… outside inside on the tables on the appetizers tables… on the table there were 4 tealights.. then 2 regular candles… and then a larger column candle and then a medium column candle… OH.. never never seen sequin tablecloths on the sitting tables… well have YOU ? So.. out side is was chilled but my wife was very warm sitting with the heaters…the wedding party walked in the middle with adjacent shrubs lined in the walk way…. and a steal gazebo with YES candles… hanging… then after the ceremony there was an open area that the guests were asked to stand in and the servers handled out champagne—but not in a round short glass it was a fluted long glass and not only 1/3 filled it was at least 3/4 filled and was a large fluted glass… we all were greeted by the father of the bride and he spoke … and we toasted to the bride… the father of the bride and the mother and best man and maid of honor all spoke and we toasted… (I see why we needed 3/4 of a glass of champagne)… the speakers were on a terrace on the facility … then they asked us all about 200 of us.. to move together and the photographer took a picture–she was up on the second level…. then the party started…

I cannot describe the appetizers…. it was appetizers and appetizers and appetizers.. YES candles on the appetizer tables… there were 2 tables with about 15 or 20 different type of items…. heard that they passed out 10,000 appetizers… WOW… there are several rooms… that the tables were set up in … the tables had the candles on the them .. sequin table cloth …. with a diamond large dinner plate holding the plates … on each setting .. there were 4 small vases of flowers on the table… it was just so so so beautiful…. the salad and dinner were excellent… each plate was individually sculptured in the items… it looked to nice … OH the 2 bars where there and there was NO NO bar liquor…… it was all TOP TOP OF the line liquor… on the top of the bar… the bartenders were extremely friendly .. and cordial.. and patience with the line.. but the line went fast……with 2 bartenders at each bar… OH OH OH open bar all night… even at the after party …. sorry this is so long.. but I was so so so impressive with the wedding I wanted to share my feelings… Well. you can imagine the dessert… 2 table –yes with candles all over them…. and they had about .. 10 items on each table… different home made desserts…. the meringue cookies were my favorite… yes they had a DJ. BUT.. he also had a photo booth… and .. upon leaving we received a goody bag… .. to bring home and a wedding gift… deck of cards with the brides name on the package…. Well…. after all this I would not want to pay for this wedding BUT.. BUT.. it was very impressive….. and did not make the Sunday Brunch…. Hmmm imagine what they had at the Brunch .. my wife and I and her son enjoyed the evening…. totally and were impressed… the servers were extremely friendly and very attentive to the needs of the wedding guests… I had asked for some wood for the fire and within 5 minutes it was replenished by one of the servers…. well there are numerous other items ….. I had to write a review….