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“Better Than Anything We Ever Imagined”

Jackie and Andrew,


Aaron and I just want to take a second to thank you for making our wedding better than anything we ever imagined. You both made the planning process easy and left us with no concerns or stress on our wedding day, so we could truly enjoy every moment. I keep going back over the day because i’m still in awe with how perfect every single detail was, all thanks to you both. Not only have you created a business that can bring people’s dreams to life, but there is no doubt your devotion to the business is reflected in your staff – every single person was impeccable. It’s really unheard of.

We’re disappointed that we can never have a party like that again but it’s something we will never forget. What’s amazing is we may forget the finer details that take months to plan… but we won’t forget either of you nor Ted. We’ll think back to Andrew thinking I was crazy for ordering so many cases of mich ultra, or Jackie wanting Aaron so badly to share our first look with family and friends or Ted changing my shoes more times than I can count. You all make the business what it is and we are forever grateful for the experience you were able to provide us.

We really can’t express enough how thankful we were to cross paths with you and host one of the most special days of our lives at the manor. Thank you both for all that you do, you should be very proud of what you’ve created.


Our best always,

Brianne and Aaron