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Heather and Rick-Married at Lord Thompson Manor

    There was a Boy with skin as dark as the earth

& a Girl with eyes as blue as the deep

& they loved each other so well

that people could not tell them apart,

for in their hearts

there was no difference between them.

And this is the story of their beginnings.

The Dress-A Magnificent Fairy Tale Dress- was chosen

And last minute wisdom imparted by Dad.

And they looked at each other, alone, at First.

And their vows, written, heartfelt.

And then it was Time.

And Dad played a joke. Private and then Shared. Chico, you are the BEST!

And they looked up.

And the Brides Men and Girls, and the Grooms Men played in front of the stately Manor.

And the Families and Friends: In their hearts there was no difference between them.

And the Lord Thompson Manor: 5 star service and location in the Quiet Corner. In our backyard.

And Heather ROCKED her dress. And the Photographer was very very afraid when the cake was cut.

And they partied on.

And on.

And jumped for joy.

And People could not tell them apart.

Not too many people I know who can pull off dancing on the steps and not hitting the tea lights on the stairs.

You Guys.

I was blessed to sit beside you, working at Jessi and Andy’s wedding, and without knowing you marveled at your connection.

Transcending smiles and matching laughter.

Thank you doesn’t come close. But I do, with full heart.

With equal thanks to my right hand and brain, Norm. It’s always a privilege.