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Lauren & Matt

This place isn’t for everyone. If you don’t care about attention to detail, appreciate the dedication of exquisite ppl & care about value more than cost … look away. However … if you’re tired of people saying “it’s just 1 day,” I’m here to prove why that’s nonsense. If you’re DONE researching, this will be the most important 3 minutes of your wedding planning life. Pay attention. HOW I GOT HERE You can’t mean “I’m DONE looking” more than I did in the winter of ’15. We’re not wealthy, but our taste & expectations don’t realize that. We looked into everything from historic landmarks to world-renown NE palaces. We considered Italy. Oh, and I’m OCD. Within hours of my engagement I had a new (LTM-famous) email :). I compiled a ~200 question list I had every vendor answer, and I wasn’t going to settle until I understood EVERYTHING. Oh, and I KNEW my wedding date would be 10/8/16. Non-negotiable. SIGN #1 – I FELT, GUILTY I’m very, very busy. I have 2 careers, & don’t cut corners. On anything. I almost cxld my tour of LTM, for a billion reasons. I could’ve easily justified cxlng. But there was something about this guy I was emailing that made me feel like I owed him the respect of holding the appt. That’s not a normal sentiment for me. SIGN #2 – IT FELT, AT HOME The whole ride I kept thinking “I never knew CT could feel so close” (I’m from central mass). When I pulled up (in 5 ft of snow), I saw this regal mansion. I thought “great, can’t wait to feel out of place.” Then I walked inside The Manor. I was awestruck. I’d truly never seen anything so magnificent yet, comfortable. The fireplaces, the piano, the woodwork, the music. I felt, at home. SIGN #3 – ANDREW, NOT JUST A SALESMAN Sorry, buddy :). I dealt with Andrew near-exclusively during the “courting phase.” His passion, vigor and frankly, kind smile … won me over. I thought, “this is one of the most authentic salesmen I’ve ever met!” (& I negotiate with salesmen for a living, so I’m no softy). He was funny, witty, responsive and humble. Far more humble than anyone in his position often is. That’s all I’ll say :). But it was his knowledge that won us over. We’re a tough crowd, my fiance and I. And when I say the 200 q’s were effortless for him to answer, & correctly, I mean it. When I say I ended up with 225 questions, it was bc of him. Had we met our “tough crowd” match? I wanted him to have my sale. SIGN #4 – I REGRET … NOTHING Fast forward to 18 mos of planning & 3 of the most incredible days of not only our, but our guest’s lives … Every TYPE of guest was entertained (even the wallflowers were mobile) and BEYOND well-fed. To say “abundance” was the theme is an understatement. Yet, I never ONCE felt anyone took advantage of us. The LTM family treated us with the utmost compassion, respect & genuine best interest in mind. GENUINE. You just don’t find that in this industry. And when asked what I’d have done differently, the answer … Nothing. Gracie Muffin, Bartender Tom, Chef Mike, Water Afficionado Kate, Party Boy Ted, Fellow “Wonder Woman” Danielle, & the couple of the CENTURY … Jackie & Andrew … you’re the real thing. With the loudest, non-stop laugh & the award for “most emails” … this is “Lauren Almost” signing off … and thanking YOU, LTM, for allowing us to be a part of YOUR story. Oh, and I didn’t get married on 10/8/16. (for ANY q’s PLEASE email me at