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Just a few days after the birth of my 2nd son, Cole, I packed up my gear and headed out in the morning, so excited for Taylor and Darren’s wedding at the Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT.  As is often the case in mid-September, the weather was perfect and I was very eager to explore the property and capture this beautiful day.  Taylor was glowing from the outset and her friends and family were so sweet and supportive.  I started out with the girls at the Inn and Salon where they were getting their hair and makeup done.  As you can see, it was a beautiful spot to start the day!

Taylor’s mom was so cute as they got her dressed:

We had a few moments to capture some shots of her bridesmaids before we headed out to see Darren for the first time.

I was joined by Kate Duval, who spend the morning with the guys as they got ready at the Manor.

We arranged a first look at the same spot where they’d be married in a few hours.  How cute are these two?

The couple’s friends and family watching from the windows in the manor.

We had just a few moments with the couple before we needed to start taking the family formals.

Love this one!

The joint-best men practicing for later:

After the formals, the bridal party stashed away for a bit as the guests began to filter in.  The guys had this amazing pad downstairs, complete with a bar, poker, billiard and Star Wars playing on the big screen.

Once the guests were seated, Taylor waited patiently for her moment.

A beautiful setting for the ceremony:

Not a bad place to be married:

One of my favorites from the day.  As a photographer, it’s such a treat to be able to be a fly on the wall and tell the story from different angles.

I’ve got to give Kate some kudos for this great shot behind the couple.  You can just make me out in the lower left, but this shot rocked!

One of the unique aspects of the Lord Thompson manor is that you can have your guests stay around the ceremony location to hear toasts from a high vantage.  As a photographer, it made my job so easy!

After the toasts, I crawled my way out on the the roof of the building (ok – not really that dangerous as it was a flat roof)!  I asked the guests to make a collective toast to the couple and got this great shot!

The crew at the manor did a spectacular job of setting the reception up.  Stunning inside!

As the lights faded the couple had a private toast at an outdoor table created just for them:

Taylor and Darren ate their dinner in front of a roaring fire inside the manor:

After dinner everyone was geared up for a great party:

Taylor and Darren, I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to be a part of your day!  Thanks so much for including me!  Special thanks to Kate Duval for her help as well.